Chatam Point

Walcan's history of growth and community involvement.

Walcan Seafood began operations on Quadra Island, British Columbia in 1974. We began as a small, seasonal bait herring producer employing 16 people over a four month season. Quadra Island was chosen as our location because of a nearby source of high quality herring. Our markets were West Coast sport and commercial salmon fishermen. Our bait herring brand names of Tom Brown Sport Bait and Rhys Davis quickly became the industry leaders.

With the experience and success of our bait herring product and because of our location, it became clear that there were additional opportunities for Walcan to produce other high quality seafood products.

Our Quadra Island location, which is near Johnstone Strait, offered Walcan easy access to this favoured fishing ground. Our close proximity to Johnstone Strait allows Walcan the opportunity to process our fishermen's catches promptly which results in the highest quality product for our customers.


A history built on quality, sustainability and herring.

Early on, Walcan earned a stellar reputation for our top quality fresh and frozen salmon. We are now one of the leading producers of wild sockeye, chum and pink salmon in British Columbia and the Walcan brand name is highly regarded internationally as well.

Our Commitment

Continued growth for us, and for the surrounding community.

In 1985 Walcan joint ventured one of the earliest salmon farms in British Columbia. Although our salmon farms were not a commercial success and were subsequently sold, we gained the knowledge and experience for proper harvesting and processing of farmed salmon. This knowledge and experience led us to our present position as the largest full service custom processor of farm salmon in British Columbia.

In 1993 we formed a new company in Hiroshima, Japan (Walcan Seafood Japan) for the purpose of selling our Canadian produced products in the country of Japan. This presence in Japan provides Walcan with market intelligence and a direct relationship with our Japanese customers.

In 2001 we added Spot prawns to our product offerings. With production innovations and strong customer relationships, we have become one of the leading exporters of BC Spot prawns to the U.S. and Asian markets.

Through the years, by diversifying our products and expanding into international markets, Walcan has become the largest year-round employer on Quadra Island. We remain committed to sustainable growth and to supporting our community.